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Do You Have Total Control??

Hey everyone! Welcome back!! Are you ready for today's review?? So I've been rethinking how I want to structure my blog and toying around with ideas. I worry that I ramble and that no one wants to read such in depth summaries if they want to read the book themselves.... so.... This review may be little different and well see how it goes!

So this is a romance book written by author Jackie Ashenden and if you haven't read anything by her I highly suggest her Motor City Royals Series, they are my favorites of hers.

Total Control is book 2 in the 11th Hour Series but all can be read as stand-alones as well as one of the series.

This book centers around Sabrina, a computer genius, and Kellen, an ex Marine wounded in the line of duty. These two go way back to their childhoods where Sabrina's father worked for Kellen's family after her mom passes away in an accident. They both are now employed by the 11th Hour which is covert operation poised to take down criminals of all walks of life. The team is mostly ex military. Anyway the plot of the story is that Kellen's father is accused of being a member of a gun running organization and its up to Sabrina and Kellen (who believes his father is completely innocent) to figure out the truth. Well they have to pretend to be engaged to go home since Kellen is estranged from his family and even though Sabrina was adopted by his family he begins to see that she was not treated the same as him at all. Using the engagement as a disguise they manage to figure out the truth and the last part of the book is spent handling everything and rescuing Sabrina when she is kidnapped at one point. All while Kellen falls for his good buddy and Sabrina lives some of her wildest fantasies due to her long time crush on him.

Overall I liked the story and enjoyed the plot. Kellen and Sabrina's chemistry is on point throughout the entire book and the slow burn is wonderful. But I did have a few issues with different hiccups in the relationship between the two. Some things seemed super strained and I struggled a bit with the way the book came to a close. It was very much an eyeball moment with kinda a cop out end. Adult content should be noted! I gave the book 3 stars because it was good but I wasn't obsessed with it like I have been with a few others. But Jackie Ashenden knows how to write attractive males so overall it would be a good easy read for you!

These pages take me places... and I can't wait to see where we go next!!

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