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  • Erin Haggerty


You read it here first.... This will be a short breakdown over why I didn't finish Wicked as You Wish by Ron Chupeco.

Hey all.

This is a first for me but I really really really needed to vent about this book..... I don't really love to blast anyone's babies. *cough* The Mister was an exception cause man.... Anyway but I feel like I want to openly discuss why I stopped reading.... Cause I think it needs to be said. So yeah.

I'm gonna start off by saying.... I DNFed this book fairly early in the story. I think I was at least 75 pages in and man. There was a lot going on..... This book is set in a modern time but is talking about a missing prince and this young girl in high school and that magic is trapped in normal every day objects?? I don't know I got confused trying to keep track of what felt like multiple plot lines trying to all tie together. It felt like several stories trying to be one and it was massively.... OVERWHELMING for my brain. We would circle back around to the prince being gay multiple times and I struggled because in no way was it tastefully done.... It just felt like it was being drilled into my brain that he was homosexual. I felt the same way about the main character, Tala's ethnicity. It just felt like there was so much emphasis on Asian part of who she was... and it felt forced and like it was being shoved in my face. So needless to say I didn't get very far into this read because I couldn't keep anything straight. Prince Alexei's family was murdered and he's the only survivor and has been shuttled from place to place and ends up with Tala's family..... and then the teacher started talking about the entire thing in history class but no one is suppose to know who the prince is.... I just couldn't.

Now while I struggled with this read..... I've had a couple friends who really enjoyed the storyline once they got further into the book. Said it was one of their top reads. So I'm not sure if I'm meant to be a fan of this author... Because this is not the first time I have really battled with one of her creations. The Bone Witch has given me hell for two different attempts to read. But for a number of completely different and opposite reasons then this. So I am at a stand off of maybe it was me, maybe its the author/me combo.... or maybe it's just really not a well structured read.... So give Wicked as You Wish a try and let me know if it deserves the two stars I gave it or if I should try again!

These pages take me place and I cannot wait to see where I go next!

All the best please stay healthy friends!

All my love!


P.S. I think I may have opened a very dangerous door by posting this review.....



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