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Could Not Believe How Much I Enjoyed This.

Hey all!

I have a somewhat surprising review here for you guys. This book was given to me by Simon Pulse and when I initially said yes to reviewing it... I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy it as much as I did. Im not super into contemporary reads especially Young Adult ones because I normally find the characters whiney or spoiled in some way. I also tend to stay away from Young Adult romances because I dislike the instant romance quality that tends to tag along with those type of reads. Together We Caught Fire by Eva. V Gibson was startling and an amazingly fresh take on the typical high school contemporary romance. I cannot wait to dive into this with you all.

One of the best and most intense things about this read was the author diving into the topic of teen's mental health. The characters in this book really have a varying degree of traumas from their worlds and how they help each other work through it all. This was truly an eye opening show of how deep the mind of a young adult can get and just how deep their scars can run. I feel like we often down play the thoughts and feelings of teens as an act of being over dramatic. Gibson does a splendid job of leading us through the chaos that lurks in the souls of teens everywhere and opening our eyes to their world.

The writing style of Gibson is truly beautiful and takes you there and implants you into the story so strongly. It was so hard to not feel the emotions of each and every character as well as the shifts in the plot line. I would get so captivated by the characters and their plights that I would have to entangle myself and take it all in. Gibson's writing could possibly be the highlight of this book in its entirety.

Last but not least I weirdly enjoyed this tropey romance story. Taking it down to the barest form of Lane is crushing on Grey whose girlfriend is Sadie who is also Lane's best friend and Connor's sister who is giving Lane all the feels as well. It was insanely well done in a way that made you swoon and feel all the phases of this type of romance. Whether it was the writing or just the surrounding story that took me there it was wonderfully constructed.

This book earned a four and half star rating from me only because (while I haven't been a teen in a long time) I felt like the story could have been a little unauthentic in the reactions and thoughts of the type of teens I see on a daily in this world. This book is sure to take the Young Adult world by storm in 2020. Make sure to check out the giveaway on my bookstagram to get a chance to read this book sooner then the rest of the world!

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next.

All the love!


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