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  • Erin Haggerty

Call Me Definitely.

Hey all!

Back with another review for all your reading pleasures! This book is a funny and flirty romance read called Call Me Maybe by Stephie Chapman! Published today with Hera I received an ARC copy for my reading pleasure curtesy of NetGalley. So lets dive in!

So this book is based off the falling in love with a celebrity trope which I almost always enjoy! Love a good boy band and groupie love story but this one has an interesting addition to the plot. Seeing as the bassist in question quite our lovely main character Cassie's favorite band years before our story starts. Ah the wonders of online dating and Facebook. So her and her buddy end up Facebook stalking and Cassie ends up adding Jesse and they hit it off with a nice slow burn over the next few months. But here's the kicker. Jesse is in the US and Cassie is in the UK. SO obviously that is an issue until Jesse comes to London for a gig and they meet. And obviously they do it. Now while the heat in this book is not overwhelming hot or graphic. The book still reads saucy but tasteful. Not as hot and heavy as I normally like it but hey. So they decide to keep seeing each other and Jesse surprises her with a ticket to San Fran and she comes and more sex. When Cassie is blind sided by the fact that Jesse's ex may be pregnant with his kid and he didn't tell her. Now obviously she leaves cause WOW. But what I really enjoyed about Chapman's choice at the ending of this book is that

1. Cassie's friends do tell her she might have jumped the gun coming home without finding out if it was his kid while telling her he still should have told her.

2. The realization of Cassie's that not everything is so black and white and that maybe because she loved Jesse at 15 she expected him to be flawless. How this comes about is absolutely hilarious.

But this was a extremely cute read. I enjoyed the premise of it and it was well written. I could always do with more heat because hey I like things spicy. But I gave this read four stars because it was all around a romance trope read that made me forget that it was a romance trope read and that is pretty impressive since I read a lot of romance tropes!

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These pages take me places and I can't wait to see where we go next!

All my love!


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