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Books, Magic and Thorns Oh My!

Hey all welcome back!

Todays review is over the amazingly written and truly unique book, Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson. I'm still a little in awe of this story mainly because it is miles ahead of this author's debut novel in every way possible. If they didn't have the author's name attached to them I could scarcely believe it was the same person putting pen to paper.

This book was fine tuned with no plot holes and that alone made Rogerson's writing seem not only smoother but more mature as well as enjoyable. Her characters had so much more depth as well as development. EoR was so fast moving that I felt like I blinked and I was halfway to through the story and was like uh.... what? Not only do I feel like I know more about the characters in SoT but I know more about Nathaniel's family who we never actually meet because *SPOILER* their dead. But these are the small things that take a decent read and turn it into a stellar read. Authors can give us so much development in context surrounding the story that if you don't have that... readers notice. This books was giving me context every which way possible. AND IT SHOWED!

Another reason I enjoyed this book is because it surrounds the concept of reading. Books in this story hold so much power in these character's universe. AND THATS HOW I FEEL ABOUT BOOKS IN GENERAL! But I loved that books held power and could have their own life force and can manifest and destroy the world.... *WAHAHAHA* But I also enjoyed that Rogerson managed to throw the concept of women still being looked down upon without making the entire read about it. I think that it was subtle and was done tastefully without it being so in your face this douche is talking mad crap on women and their abilities.... And sometimes I feel like that its more powerful when its done in a move realistic way. Thats beside the point though! Even with men referring to Elisabeth being overwhelmed or having problems with reality simply because she's a women and is easily driven mad. And this girl.... kills it. I mean Elisabeth is a strong female women without being an overdone assassin with years of training or the booksmart know it all. Not throwing shade at any of those bad ass assassin women or extremely intelligent ladies. But she's simply awesome because she's dedicated to the truth and doing what is right. That and I felt like her and Nathaniel's relationship grew very realistically and that Elisabeth's character changes consistently an

d accurately without feeling forced in any way.

I also loved the fact magic comes from demons. I mean how crazy unique is that. Its not something your born with or something you learn or earn. You literally give up parts of your soul to be able to use magic. And while I'm sure there are book out there with similar plot points like this but man. The author does an amazing job of keeping the concept of magic and ones abilities to be not a struggle par say but that its actual work. When Nathaniel has to conjure and needs time to do versus snap his fingers and OOOOH MAGIC!, I get excited because it means that the characters work for their abilities. I adore this fact that the magic isn't instantaneous like in most stories.

Overall this book was a total 5 for me and deserves one of my top ranked spot of 2019. I think it was an extremely thoughtful and well written book. The story (even with it being fantasy) feels real and gives the reader the feeling that this world lives and breathes in a much more realistic way then some others. I could genuinely spend an obscene amount of time breaking down all the wonderful things about this book. But why do that when you can experience it for yourself!

These pages take me places and I can't wait to see where I go next!

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