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  • Erin Haggerty

Blood & Bone!

Hey all!

Its your girl once again. With yet another review for the month of April. I spent all month savoring Ruthless Gods by Emily Duncan because after the ending of Wicked Saints I figured I wasn't gonna be able to be patient when it came to book three...

Turn out I was right!

So I am here to break it down in the most unspoilerish way I can for you all. All the goods, the beds and the what the actuals. So hold on tight.... This is gonna be a lot to unpack.

First off. I HIGHLY recommend rereading Wicked Saints (or at least the last 5 chapters) if its been a hot minute since you finished it. I struggled with some of the finer details of where I plot ended up even though I remembered Malachiaz's betrayal, Serefin's revival and of course sweet Nadya's heartbreak. The details of it all will make this beginning a lot smoother for you. You're welcome in advance.

One of my big struggles with WS was the beginning really felt like it took a minute to get off the ground and get moving. While you spend a lot of time moving forward in the first half of the book you really don't see a lot in the way of action until about midway. I couldn't put the sucker down at that point. Same goes with Ruthless Gods. Duncan spins an amazing tale getting us all to reunite and establish each of our three main character's quests when it comes to the Gods. There is a lot of character growth as well as relationship growth in the first half of this book which I feel like WS lacked and I was so delighted to see. Not only that but we see more back stories which really pushes the book along. Overall I really enjoyed the characters in this book more then the first one as well. Having them all together really creates a nice dynamic with Kalzyic and Travaian being at such odds.

Another insanely addicting factor in this book/series is just how much time it must have taken to construct not only the lore for this book.... but the world itself. This two feuding countries have their own beliefs, their own religions and their own rulers. Being able to juggle not one but three giant bubbles of story add ins.... is a thing all its own. Duncan manages to merge all three in a way that make you feel as if you have grown up in a world where all of it is just common knowledge. While extremely heavy and detailed in the beginnings of these stories. by the end its feels like you know it all by heart.

Now for the more juicy stuff. Story arc wise. This book had is all. Romance, hidden alliances, witchy goodness, as well as our fave BETRAYAL. Now again without spoiling the fun for you all I cannot really break down all of what goes down. But Emily Duncan is a genius when it come to pulling heartstrings while still wanting to stab a dude in the face. Not only that but the ability to create a story in which you feel conflicted for not one side of a war but both is absolute heart stopping. Never have I read a book where I felt like book sides of a war had standing that were valid and I couldn't in good faith pick one or the other. I feel like author's with the ability to split someone in this sense are few and far between. I cannot even with this ending either. Yet another cliff hanger and my heart is in tatters. I don't know what the EFF to do with myself until three comes out....

I gave Ruthless Gods a four and half star rating. I warn you all this is a bloody book of unwanted love, magic and heartbreak. But its seriously ferocious and will leave you feeling completely turned upside down. SAVOR THE HELL OUTTA THIS ONE FOLKS.

These pages take me places and I am having a seriously hard time wanting to go anywhere else. So I guess I'm gonna stay here and just pout for a bit.

All my love!




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