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  • Erin Haggerty

Being A Teen Was Already Hard...

Hey guys back to back blog post cause YOLO. Well not really I'm trying really hard to get all the September reviews up before the month's end.... And as of now.... we've got 4 left and as long as I meet all my reading goals for the rest of the month 2 more as well. So lots of work to be done!

But this review is over Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass by Mariko Tamaki. This will be a pretty quick review since it was a graphic novel. The art in this book was phenomenal first off Steven Pugh is so freaking talented and does all the characters justice. I will say I am not a HUGE fan of the Joker's mask in this version of the DC world but I can get on board with it since Harleen knows her Joker as someone from her everyday life. But other then that I loved the art in its entirety. I am also a huge fan of Harleen being raised by a bunch of drag queens! I loved this concept and while I'm sure there will be backlash for this by some I AM SO HERE FOR IT! Now this is where this review may get a little murky.... While I enjoyed the conclusion to the book... some of the more teen aspects of the story just seemed super forced and outta place. Harleen becomes friends with a girl named Ivy (ideas on this in a bit) would literally spends the entire narrative complaining or protesting every little thing. Things like fighting the film club because they aren't showing videos filmed by women when your not a member of the group..... annoying. Now the author uses this to portray the anger teen boy as a pain in ass sexist.... which ties into the end of the book but there are many many ways the author could have made sure this character looked like an ass without getting so intense about it. Theres also a scene with the principal that Ivy (who in this story is a person of color) says that because he refereed to this teen boy and Harleen by their last name and her by her first he's targeting her. So there is some content Ivy wise that I think wasn't needed and takes away from our main character which is Harleen. Now Ivy getting upset because a major corporation is demolishing their community I get that and think its super i8moirtant to the story. But.... yeah I don't know I was super off put by Ivy which bums me out because she's obsessed with plants...... WHICH MAKES ME THINK THAT SHE IS POISON IVY. Saying it here first before (if there is a sequel) comes into the world.

All in all this is not my favorite graphic novel/new take on a DC character. But I think the plot was decent for someone who decided to age Harley Quinn down to a teenl. I think her character might have been a little ditsy in comparison to how she's normally portrayed which I wasn't sure about and her relationship with the Joker is not at all what it is normally. But obviously this is a new story with an author's personal twist. I gave it 3 stars.

Thank you so much for swinging back by and checking out what I'm putting into the world! I appreciate all of you!

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