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  • Erin Haggerty

An Uncertain Future

Hey all!

Seems as if I have been dropping the ball here with all the reviews that should have been done.... and haven't. Being off due COVID-19 has been.... refreshing. I had really been feeling burned out from wedding planning, adulting and work. So being home while Ryan was home was fantastic. We spent a lot of time together working on our home and just kinda reminding each other which was amazing. But it made for a very non-productive Erin. So here we are playing catch up on all things books!

So this review is over Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy. I received the second in this series, Sword in The Stars, to review and it publishes this month so I made sure to read this one obviously. And let me tell you... this book had a lot to give.

I really think the concept of a futuristic gender bended King Arthur sounds intense and fantastic in so many ways. One of the most truly stellar things about this book was the thoughtfulness that went into the plot. While I'm not sure it's as true a retelling in some ways it felt so true to its origin. The idea that Merlin respawns and ages backwards after every Arthur reincarnation was insanely creative. These authors really gave this age old classic new life and created a very unique storyline as well and I think that really speaks volumes about their writing skills in general. They were also able to create a group of intensely diverse and shocking characters with a lot of realistic personality traits. This book really had a shock and awe value of the very large faceless corporation being such a strong enemy.

That being said.... I was a bit overwhelmed by a couple of things in this read. While I am always here for a diverse cast of characters.... I felt consistently reminded of a person's skin tone or sexuality and it really took away from the story. Not only that but everyone had a love interest in this book. Whether it was reciprocated or not this book had so much romance it never really felt natural or real to me. It felt as if we had paired off kids in gym class to learn to square dance.

While I really wanted to be shocked into loving this book and so many aspects of it were so wonderful... I did struggle a little though it. I gave Once & Future three and a half stars for being a well written but overly constructed book. I like a lot about this read and the ending of it really set me up to be excited for Sword in The Stars. So I am looking forward to reading that this month for sure.

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where I go next... although I have already been there cause I'm that far behind! GO ME!

All the best folks, please stay healthy and smart and AT HOME!




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