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A Shady Story

Hey hey hey hey hey!

Its been a minute.... but in reality its only been like a week since my last blog post.... But a lot happened this weekend and it was wild! But that's not why your here! This review is over Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody which I read with a few of my friends for a buddy read this month. Mind you they are still reading it currently. I just had a million things to get done this month and I wanted to knock it out. So yeah. I did. And if your one of my friends reading this right now..... I will say I will attempt at very few spoilers! So without further ado! Let's jump into this!

So this book has a very interesting plot line. The stories surrounds Enne and Levi as our two main characters. Before I rant about the characters.....

This book's plot was unique and the magic system is something I don't feel like I have seen much of which I really enjoyed. Each character has a basically a main skill and then a secondary skill and that is what they are blessed with magic wise. You can't gain or change your skill set and these traits are passed down by parents so.... I really liked that. I feel like that alone makes it so each character can excel and fail since they will be faced with an endless amount for different skills. What I wasn't a huge fan of was how long it took to start gaining the information we needed to really begin understanding a lot of the storyline. Both Levi and Enne have a lot happening in their personal story lines and we gain Levi's a little faster then Enne's and I think that it really helped establish Levi as a character while it took a little longer to start investing in Enne.

Back to characters. So I found Enne.... really hard to enjoy until about half way through the book. She spends the first half of the book really being judgey as well as prim and proper while it comes off as her being super bratty and stuck up. Not only that but she is extremely naive to the point that you almost feel like someone needs to babysit her. But I will say her character evolves quite a bit after meeting Lola and we begin to see her adapt to "Sin City" and see her begin to find her footing with the information she has begun gathering. Levi.... I enjoyed little more. But I still didn't attach to like I hoped. He doesn't like his skills and doesn't use them. And while he wants to help his gang the Irons grow and become powerful he really makes a lot of mistakes. And while I found it endearing in some instances I also found it frustrating. Levi makes quick choices that aren't thought through and ends up being super cocky in some instances and if def gets him into trouble... and while I believe these are issues personality wise that the author meant for Levi to have..... it comes off as awkward and somewhat mismatched with some of his other character traits.

I enjoyed a lot of this books plot once it was jump started and rolling the book really gained momentum and began to keep my attention. I loved the outside forces such as the mob families that pull the characters both ways and in opposite directions. But both are antagonists in the plot and cause different issues. This book has a lot of layers and side connections between the players which makes the read feel most authentic and real which I believe makes for a very dynamic storyline. I gave this book a three and a half stars because while the plot ends up providing a lot for the reader, I'm not wild about the fact I have to question whether or not a character is meant to be a certain way or if it's just how I'm reading it. I am looking forward to picking up book two and starting it after the ending of Ace of Shades and seeing what comes from the chaos that we left Levi and Enne in.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for my massive Birthday/Bookstaversary giveaway that I will be announcing across all my platforms come Friday. I will be posting my weekly Booktube video as well on Friday! I'm hoping to have a couple more review up for you guys this week as well. We're full speed ahead here and it's time to get it done!

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next!!

Next reads are A Curse So Dark & Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer and The Suite Life ARC by Melanie Summer!

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