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  • Erin Haggerty

A Second Chance Love Story

Hey guys back once again with another review for all you lovelies!!

This one is over Christina Lauren's newest book, Twice In A Blue Moon that I finally got to take time and enjoy! Christina Lauren are literally two of my all time favorite authors. So lets get started!

As per usual CL have to be put into their own category when I am reviewing them. I always love their work. I have never not liked or gave a good review to one of their books. That being said it makes it SUPER hard for me to review them because laying them down next to other romance authors and their works doesn't fell fair. Because even the tropes I cannot stand work for Christina Lauren and don't come off well for other authors half the time. So Ive started just laying their books next to other and being honest about what worked well in the book and what I could have done with out. So before I discuss this further... I will start by saying Twice In A Blue Moon was a four star read for me. Lets find out why!

So what I loved about this novel was the actual love story. The young love between Tate and Sam is so freaking amazing and stunningly written. I cannot even. CLo knows how to capture true love and depict it perfectly. Sam and Tate are literally to date one of top favorite couplings that Christina Lauren has created. Mainly because even with Sam's betrayal you feel the warm fuzzies, the oh did he mean to touch my hand moments, the flame between these two at 18 and 21 is just simply to die for. Even when the two are on set and they aren't speaking the angst and hunger from Tate is still simmering.

Now there are two things that I docked points on the Christina Lauren scale.

1. And this is the non petty reasoning behind my doc. I would say almost all over CL's books are written in a two character perspective. Which as a love story really adds to the chemistry and the overall emotional tone of the book. Makes all the adult content feel even spicer. Twice In A Blue Moon is told solely through Tate's eyes... and while it was still beautiful and the romance is still there.... I think that having Sam's insight would have taken the book to a new depth and really given the story a little more oomph.

2. So here I am going to be as black and white as possible with you guys. This book did not have lot of adult content and it made me sad. And while the romance, lovey dovey, soon to be getting married girl in me can appreciate a good love story..... ya girl has been reading a lot of PG-13 romance books lately and I was putting it all on CL to gimme what I need!!!!!!! And it really didn't deliver the fire that I know these ladies can.

That is not to say I didn't love or enjoy this Christina Lauren because again.... I'm not sure these two ladies could make something I don't like (or the world doesn't like). They are romance geniuses! And have proven time and time again that not only can their bring the passion between characters but they can create a true romantic masterpiece.

Thanks for coming back! Make sure to check out all of Christina and Lauren's amazing works as well as Twice In A Blue Moon!

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where I go next!

All my love!




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