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  • Erin Haggerty

A Salt Water Read!

Hey hey hey!

Guys its snowing in my neck of the woods right now and I am LOVING every single moment of it. That is until the white turns to brown as snow tends to do in Kansas. Then its sad and heartbreaking. Ha. But I am here for yet another review of a book because why else would I be blogging? But this one is over this month's Fantasy Fanatics Book Club read, Dark Shores by Danielle L. Jensen. This book has not been a fan favorite in the club and there has been quite a few DNFs which is always heartbreaking. But even more so when you enjoyed the book. Now whether is preference or seasonal or whatever! It happens. Thats one of the great things about reading. There are great discussions to be had because everyone has such varying opinions. So. I'm gonna tell you what I enjoyed about Dark Shores so here we go!

Now I know this to be true about Dark Shores..... The first twelveish chapters, about 100ish pages or so are literally just the build up to the two main characters meeting. Which was painstakingly slow. It's a lot of back ground info that while important really doesn't hold interest. Lots of politics are discussed between the main land's as well as those of the sea. So you have to stick it out to when Marcus and Teriana finally set sail because I feel like that's when the story really begins to take shape and you can see all the moving pieces. Jensen does an amazing job building the relationship between Marcus and Teriana with her choosing to shift the power between the two often. While Teriana is always Marcus's captive she is in charge while on the sea but also holds the key to his communication with the natives of the lands they are traveling to. With his need to use her it makes the hot to cold relationship they share sizzle in a pleasant way. It also really brought a lot of depth to both of their characters as well as their developing partnership. The black and white of right versus wrong melts away making that delicious grey area where we all love our romances to start in such a nice and subtle way.

Another really well structured thing about Dark Shores is the written dialogue itself. The interactions between all the characters in this book was really nice and well utilized. Give and takes felt smooth and the chemistry between everyone read really genuine. Lately I have been reading a lot of awkwardly staged conversations between characters and this book was a nice reset to seeing nice exchanges.

I also really really loved the descriptions used in this book. From the mappings of the oceans to the island to the picturing of all of the characters, this story really gives you a dramatic sense of what your seeing and it did wonders for the overall quality of this book.

So it you can get through the slow moving beginning and really make the active choice to stick it out on the boat this has the potential to be a really awesome read in my opinion. I gave Dark Shores a four star rating for the overall presentation of this book. I think it had everything it needed to really bring the reader into the story and onto the ship.

Thanks again for checking in and seeing what I have to say!!!

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next!

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