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  • Erin Haggerty

A Retelling I Know Nothing About!

Hey all!

I am here with yet another review for you! Whats interesting is that Scavenge The Stars by Tara Sim is actually a retelling... That like the title says I know nothing about. This book is suppose to be a gender swapped Count of Monte Cristo. I have never read the original. So I cannot really compare it to such since I have never read it but hey. I know there are a few people who are not overly in love with this book because they claim its not very similar to its original but....

I really enjoyed this book for a multitude of reasons. But the main one was the amount of effort went into these characters. Both Cayo and Amaya really had so many pieces that were part of who they are and I loved that the connected and shared those parts of themselves. A lot of the other characters in this book had tastefully painted backgrounds as well and it made the plot very enjoyable. Especially once we saw Amaya become the Countess after her transformation from being Silverfish. You really see her character grow and develop as she navigates the world that is so full of revenge and betrayal.

Another really captivating feature of this story was just the revolving door of whose on top and whose on bottom of the slummy part of the town. The consistent draw of the underbelly for Cayo and seeing the flashes of the mob bosses brutality and the counterfeit money really makes the world expand in a way that gave the story its self move fiber. The backstabbing in this book as well as the sickness and the nasty not niceness of the majority of these c characters was just thrilling and I felt completely thrown for a loop on multiple occasions.

I also wanna give a giant back pat to Sim because while I had zero knowledge of the original plot of The Count of Monte Cristo I wasn't worried about it. I recently read a different retelling of a story I wasn't familiar with.... and it bothered me the entire time. And whether that was because I wasn't overly into the plot of that book or because I was genuinely wondering what the origin was.. I'm not sure but it bothered me and made the book less enjoyable. This was not the case AT ALL with Scavenge the Stars. Not once did I wonder if I had read the origin story would I be invested in this version. Scavenge the Stars kept me on track on its own merit which I appreciate!

I really loved the structure of this book and while I cannot say whether this was an accurate "retelling" or not I will say I enjoyed the ride it took me on and I attached myself to the characters whole heartedly. I will be waiting for the next installment anxiously because I'm really starting to see how much I enjoy books set on the sea for some reason! GO PIRATES?! I gave Scavenge the Stars four stars on Goodreads it has everything for a good adventure and I am excited to see where it goes next.

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next!

All my love!




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