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A New Space Obsession

**Warning Ahead: Pardon me for my cursing... That is all!

Hey guys.

Hunker down cause this is about to get good. I have found a new fandom obsession and I am so freaking excited to share it with you. One of the hard things, for me as a reviewer. Is the idea that not ever book can be a great one. And I get zero joy out of ripping apart peoples babies in any form. But there are books that are structurally sound but lack in character development. Or have an amazing attention to detail but the plot itself is blah. There are so so so many pieces to these stories that authors create for us. And what I have to consider now that I have been doing this for a good amount of time... is that a good book is all circumstantial. Whats good to me could be a complete flop for a friend and vice versa. Thats one of the amazing things about reading and books. Not only that but a negative something depending on the book itself.... could really not matter at the end of a phenomenally written book because the content itself is so stellar. See that? Space stuff kids. So long story short I'm gonna be breaking down my thoughts and feelings...

(hint: there are a lot of them)

on Aurora Rising by Amie Kauffman and Jay Kristoff.

Lets start by saying this book was epic. Simply put I enjoyed every single aspect of the story. Hands down. I think the main characters were dynamic and felt very very real. I enjoyed their banters and the development of their individual relationships as well as ending point as a squad. The world building in this book goes hand in hand with my adoration of the characters. Everything about this book is polished and it shows in the construction of this plot entirely. Both Kaufmann and Kristoff are masters of their craft and this book is a perfect example of Kristoff's wild imaginative and Kauftmann's natural ability to write amazing character chemistry. The depth of the thought in this book may have ruined all things fantasy for the rest of the year.... At least until I get my grimy hands on Aurora Burning.

I will have to be honest on. my literal only issue with this book. All of the characters has such diverse personalities....but with the constant changing of character POV's from chapter to chapter... I often got lost in who was narrating the chapters. The male characters all have very different tones in their speech as well as their personas. But the females all read very similar. But when paying attention... You obviously pick up on context clues and that not a problem for long.

This book was impeccably written and I am so happy to give Aurora Risng five fucking stars because this book was fucking INSANE. I loved so many components of this book and the true overall rating is that it blew me away with all of its pieces the one bad thing about it really doesn't feel like anything. I cannot wait to continue this series!

These pages take me places! And I cannot wait to see where I go next!

All my love!


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