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  • Erin Haggerty

A Hunt for Answers!

Hey all!

I never know its a good thing when my reviews slow down or not. Life has been a little crazy the last few weeks and while I am still reading.... Its slowed down. So I'm hoping over the next few days I really REALLY hope I get a little down/me time and get a few books knocked out and ready for review.

This review is over The Wren Hunt by Mary Watson. Now I tired really really hard to get this book read cause I received The Wickerlight which is book two in this series from NetGalley. It also releases today... and I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet. So reviewer FAIL. But The Wren Hunt has been read and finished so lets break it down and talk about it.

The Wren Hunt is stationed in Europe and while a few places are mentioned through the book I never really bothered to pin down the exact local of this read. Again BAD REVIEWER. Anywho. This books background is based on a Irish(?) tradition and song that is celebrated by the nation. And it follows a girl named Wren who is auger which is a magical being all of which have different skills that vary from person to person. Wren can see the future randomly. These people are enemies of the judges who.... don't have magical powers but do harness it somehow? Long story short...... Wren infiltrates the judges community and things get crazy.

That being said... I totally enjoyed this book and the thought provoking plot that is The Wren Hunt. I cannot believe howh much I ended up liking whsoooo slow but when Wren begins to go and search for the map the augers need to try and defeat the judges things begin to happen and the ball starts rolling. Now.... I did enjoy this book as it was super creative and I liked the amount of betrayal in this book, the lore and description of the families and the concepts of judges and augers. But... this book had SO MUCH GOING ON. It was semi easy to follow Wren and her progress and the comings and goings of her story. But there are side stories and concepts that the author puts into the plot to help build up the whole background as to the goals of leader of the judges whose name I'm spacing on as I write this. I feel like even now as I'm trying to write out my thoughts like I can remember everything that happened in the story line.... but trying to tell someone else is overwhelming... The book was well structured with wonderful character building and a rich well thought through plot line. Its just a lot happens with a lot of details such as who what where when and why. The author does provide a glossary full of terms and what things are in the back of the book which I'm sure would be helpful now that I am writing the review but I didn't use while reading because it was easy to know in the moment what things were. I'm interested in reading The Wickerlight because this book was extremely gripping towards the end where Wren's hand is both forced and not forced to make the choice everyone has been pushing on her. And I will be giving The Wren Hunt a four star review on Amazon and Goodreads and such. I just kinda feel like I was hit by a train and this review is horrible because I'm still reeling from the book itself. I FINISHED THIS A WEEK AGO BY THE WAY. So I would highly suggest this book if you like a very detailed story line and a lot of info to collect and go through. Hoping The Wickerlight gives me some closure and maybe helps me write a better review and possibly produce something more concrete for you guys.

Sorry guys I'm still digesting this read. Ha.

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next.

All my love!




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