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A Doozey of Lie

Hey all its your girl!

I am here with the last review of the Central Park Pact series by Lauren Layne and I have to say this is a very bittersweet thing for me. Marriage on Madison Avenue is book number three in this series and obviously my reviewing style had changed from that first book greatly. This was literally the first time I had been reached out to by a publicist/author and I was in awe. My first free/earned book from bookstagram. Obviously it started this addict. As soon as I got that book into my grubby hands I cracked it open and here we are. I have no received ARCs of both book two and three now as well. It has been an absolute joy too read these and work with the great team behind them. But that being said. Here's my review for Marriage on Madison Avenue by Lauren Layne.

So this book covers the final member of the Central Park trio Audrey and her long time friend Clark. When her past with Brandon (who was married and now dead) is brought to light a instagram gossip troll begins to mess with Audrey's influencer empire. With a quickly concocted scheme to be engaged to Clark temporary the two begin to recognize feelings that they have been hiding from all along. This was a whole bunch of romance tropes thrown together to make not only a very wonderful slow burn romance but a flirty very modern love story.

One of my favorite things about this series is the idea that all three women that were scorned by Brandon were so vastly different in their personalities. Not only that but the idea that these women would never be friends outside of their pact was just such a fun concept. Who knew an imbecile of man could create such a strong bond. But Audrey is very much your typical heiress but I loved that she worked hard in a field that a lot of people look down upon. Including Clark's mother. Not only that but her drive to protect what she has built really does give us a nice reason to fake an engagement. Clark was the perfect misunderstood playboy turned into a the confused pining man who doesn't know where to put his beautiful friend. The genuine feel of these two falling in love with each other really came across in a realistic way without the annoying OMG I'M IN LOVE WITH MY BEST FRIEND moment.

Not only that but this book was so easy to enjoy. I finished it within four hours easily. Layne writes beautifully and has such a simple writing style that really lets her work speak for itself. Between the heated passionate moments and the climax of the non-fake-is-it-real wedding this book was one that made you wanna invest all your love into these two crazies making it down the isle FOR REAL. Not only that.... but who doesn't love a series set in NYC?

I gave Marriage on Madison Avenue a four star rating and truly beg you all to give these girls the chance to show you their love stories! This series was such a knockout in the romance department for me. I love when authors can take tropes and rework them into something that doesn't feel tropey at all and Layne is queen when it comes to modernizing the romance ones. I am so sad that the ride is over but I will be revisiting Lauren Layne's other works and keeping my eyes on what she's creating for the future!

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next!

Thank you for coming back and welcome if your new!

All the best!


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