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A Book So Dreamy & Swoon Worthy?

Hey all!

Welcome back to the blog and man do I have a review for you! This goodie is over A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer. I ended up reading this with my book club and did enjoy the book. Now I am a HUGE fan of all things fairy tale retelling so this was right up my alley. And while I definitely enjoyed to the book I'm going to play Devil's Advocate a lot in this review.


Let's start with all the wonderful things about this book.

Kemmerer does a phenomenal job of creating a world that was vivid and beautiful. She also does an amazing job creating characters that had depth and that I genuinely valued and wanted to see work through the issues they shared. I love love loved there fact that Rhen was broken and really had who many layers of feelings and thoughts but didn't lose his edge as a ruler. That and his willingness to sacrifice himself for the good of his people. This is a super petty thing as well but I love that Harper coming back and being able to "tame" him isn't what breaks the curse. Ha. Now one of my most favorite things about this book was Harper and Rhen's love story and the evolution of their relationship. I feel like especially in Beauty and the Beast retellings.... the "love" comes quickly or you see the hate to love switch wayyyyy to quickly. This pace set by Kemmerer felt real and really gave the book and characters a really nice dynamic. My last love fo this book was the fact Harper has cerebral palsy and is consistently telling people that she's stronger then she seems.

And now let's play up the more iffy issues.

I don't nessacarily share the opinions in regards to some of these ideas but I do love to stir the pot!

So lets start with this is a cheaper version of ACOTR.

~ I also believe the beginning of this book is extremely similar to that of ACOTR. With the few obvious differences such as Harper being in the "real" world and Ferye and Tamlin sharing their world. BUT I do see the correlation of this concept seeing as...1.These are both retellings of B&TB so they share similar plot points. And 2. The idea that both kingdoms need saving from a wicked witch.

~Why I'm not sure this theory hold water...... While both books share a lot of similarities there are some very large differences in the stories themselves. Being that Ferye ends up defeating her witch alone and is the one true hero/heroine. And its very much a joint effort to save Ironrose even though its all set into motion by Harper.

Another common opinion I see about ACSDL is the idea that the book is just rather slow.

~While I agree that it seemed this book had a lot of down time with character's interacting and not much action it feels necessary instead of just being there to add pages. So I feel like saying it moves slow is like saying we don't need to form a plan for war. Kemmerer does a nice job of growing Harper's character from being a typical 21st century woman to opening her range to using a bow and dagger. I think that building the narrative around the controversy here was genuinely important since the character's don't share realms.

I completely and utterly enjoyed this story. Kemmerer has really wowed me with a unique take on one of my all time favorite fairy tales. Using Grey as a catalyst to be able to jump universes and open up that metorphical can of beans created a new and wonderful dynamic between two characters who are hoped to fall in love. I also loved the fact that Lilith continued to be a part of the story versus cursing and vanishing. Just another kick ass way of creating another layer. Now I will say while I enjoyed this read. A lot of friends talked this book up an insane amount. I don't know if it lived up to the expectations I was introduced too... but this was a solid read and I gave it four and a half stars.

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These pages take me places and I can't wait to see where we go next!

Thank you all for coming back and reading!

All my love!




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