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Hey all!

Back to the back to back to back to back posts apparently! Happy to be back in the saddle and reading and enjoying it again!

This review is over Open House by Ruby Lang! I was given this book to read and review on NetGalley by Carina Press and I gotta say this will be a short and sweet review because this book was simple and simply wonderful!

I am a huge fan of romances that end with the two people realizing that regardless of what is holding them back... they belong together and nothing would make it worth losing each other.... I prefer this over the extremely dramatic and sometimes (90% of the time) over the top fight that drives each other away. Eyeroll here. BUT Open House was funny and lovely in a very easy going and inspirational way. While we all love the fiery passionate I must have you love stories... I also I enjoy what I call a true love romance.

Ty and Magda have conflicting points of view when it comes to the plot of land that Magda is suppose to be selling for her job as a realtor. Ty's community has made this empty plot into a garden for all to tend and use. So the book's is built around this and the interactions that come from her bringing in potential buyers and the members of the garden (including Ty). But Ty and Magda have a natural and simple chemistry and causes them to spend an evening together and they begin to build a relationship that both believe is not going anywhere and help each other face some of their past issues and before you know it! BOOM! Everything falls into place and it all comes together and they chose to make it work even though the problems that kept them apart still exist.

Reason I loved this elegantly easy going romance read. THERE WAS NO MAJOR FALLOUT BETWEEN CHARACTERS! While they did argue a few times there was never the dramatic ugly moment that comes in a lot of these books. I enjoyed that both characters helped the other with family issues. Everything about this book felt authentic and realistic and that shook me! No one was rich. No one was super kinky. This was really just a super fabulous true to the heart romance read. Easy enough. I gave the book four stars outta five only because Magda and her sisters have a somewhat toxic relationship and you don't see the conclusion of what happened once Magda puts them in their place which was a bummer. But other then that this book was such a breath of fresh air!

Thats all folks! These pages take me places and I can't wait to see where we go next!

All my love!




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