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  • Erin Haggerty


Hey all! Back again with another review for you! This one is over King of Fools by Amanda Foody. Warning you know... this is probably gonna be a hot mess.... Kinda like this book was.... so here goes nothing.

SO! Let me start off by saying... there was a lot of wonderful things about this book. Including the idea of the people in this world having skills special to their personality. Such as the ability to blow things up, control people's mind as well as take away their pain. A lot of the plot centering around the Shadow world and Enne's family history as its tied to Levi's is also fascinating. Their will they won't they romance was adorable and their chemistry was lovely and written quite well. Foody's writing in general is very descriptive and thoughtful and it almost became addicting in some aspects because of how nice the ebb and flow is. I also really enjoyed the character's evolution from book one to know. Enne really grows and finds her true self and you see Levi battle with his choices and what he's expected to do as well as what he's brought on himself. We see a lot of internal conflict and growth in Levi's self to realizing some of his flaws. While I wasn't sure I liked him because of his selfish tendencies I do really love the ever changing character he is. Not only that but I am obsessed with all things betrayal and these books.... have a lot of that.

Now for the somewhat negative.... this plot... got away from me. There was so much happening with this book I got lost quite a few times and kinda limped though a lot of this. Between the politics introduced and the new characters it felt like I was very very very confused. There were so many subplots and additional things happening I was overwhelmed. I tried to explain all of what was happening to a friend of mine and its was like.... what.... Mind you reading the first book probably would help with some of that confusion but... not much. But I finished the book and was able to grab and understand most of what ended up happening so that's a plus I guess.

I will also say that I listened to about 75% of this book in audio form and it was.... awful. I really really couldn't stand the narration and half the time I felt very confused just because the diction itself was just plain bad... Just don't.

Overall... much like book one.... This was a meh read for me. A three star read. Am I still somewhat invested in where the story is going... shockingly yes. I think reading this book front to back versus the horrendous audio would really help with all of the plot hiccups for me. But I am very much still wondering what will happen next and that's really impressive considering this review. But Queen of Volts comes on Fall 2020 and I will be reading it when it does. Hopefully we get some closure on some of the more intense and confusing aspects of this series.

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where we go next!

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