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As you can see...

I basically vanished.

But I'm here!

So... HI!

I is back! And I'm planning on trying to catch up on all the book related things that I've been neglecting and that's starting with my reviews for this month. GAH Erin its almost June! Have you written any reviews? Uh... Hi self yea.... like one of the eight... so that counts yeah?


So here's my overall review for the Legend series by Marie Lu! that should be something yeah??

As you know I would normally be reviewing each book and then the series overall but this four books... I really just had the same issues over and over so I think one will be more then enough to make my feelings clear.

This series was very much a grab bag for me... I really really did enjoy the concept of the book. The revolution the world that was built. The character ARCs felt like real people as well. I think having June and Day both being above average citizens from the two different worlds who find each made for a pretty intense love story. More on that later. But I really think the layers and all the connections fit together extremely well with out feeling too coincidental. These made for a strong plot. I loved the amount of betrayal involved as well. The constant back stabbing to try and make the world a better place. Greater good and all that. The constant introduction of new players into the game was also an excellent choice as well. Again it created a various amount of issues versus continuing to fight with the same enemy. The most impressive part of this series for me was the world building it was very meticulous thought through and it showed in how well the characters reacted to the setting around them. Champion and Rebel in my eyes though felt for sure like the strongest of the two books. The final twist of the plot in Champion for Day gave me a very satisfying ending since I love when books don't end up with all the loose ends tied up in beautiful bows. Rebel was both satisfying and very simple in its plot to prove Eden could be Day's equal. Giving him his chance to be strong after so many pages of being an experiment and such.

What I wasn't a huge fan of.... the age of these characters especially in Legend and Prodigy. I don't read middle school books because often the characters are overly frustrating for me because they are young and the authors write them that way. But with June and Day being I believe it fifteen and fourteen in the first couple books..... I cannot think of a single kid this age who could make half the choices these two did. Even with being geniuses even with being in the sick twisted world they live in. Their choices felt unnatural and very much written to fit the author's preference of character. I mentally aged them up through the first half of the series. And it made me dislike the first two books enough that I rated them much lower then Champion and Rebel. My other big issue here.... the love story in the books for Day and June until the tail end of Champion.... was bad. So bad. It felt so overly thought though and almost forced. While I think the characters very much could have had a nice give and take but with the intense plot so much of it felt desperate. But once Lu aged up that characters... I really really enjoyed Day and June as a couple. I will say my least favorite part of Rebel was also the romance between Eden and.... whoever. And I say whoever because I do NOT remember much about her.... and I think that's why I struggle with their coupling... It felt so forced and pairing Eden with such a weak character.... felt like a poor choice to me. Which is amplified by the fact that whatever her name was... was such a huge part of the book. I needed more from the character itself to pair her with the main character I needed to feel much much more connected with them.

So my currant rating for the books are as such....

Legend: Two stars.

Prodigy: Two and a half stars.

Champion: Three and a half stars.

Rebel: Four stars.

Overall... I'm giving the Legend series a three star rating. I am almost glad I waited so long to write this review because Legend and Prodigy really left a sour taste in my mouth. So having a little time to kinda rethink it all and revisit the original reviews. And look at them with a little more openness. So the overall rating would for sure be higher then if I had written this at the moment I finished the series.

So that's that! I'm hoping to get a lot of my reviews posted in the next few days. I've been playing catch up on all things adult lately. Quarantine has not been kind to my productivity.

I hope you are all healthy still and safe... these are scary times and my heart goes out to everyone whose been effected.

These pages take me places and I cannot wait to see where I go next.

All my love!




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